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The Indian Studio, a curated online space for clothing, accessories, home furnishings and more selected to celebrate handmade and high-touch across India. The Indian Studio is an opportunity to browse from the comfort of home, connecting to beautiful products without the stress of wandering the bustling markets in the city.



Our Inspiration


 India is the richest country in the world when it comes to crafts.  As young entrepreneurs we want to bring handmade India to the world. We were inspired to provide Indian products touched by the hand of the artisan easily in a variety of genres. Join us in a voyage of stories that make the work and the makers come alive.   


Mission Statement


The Indian Studio stands above others in the online shopping experience of contemporary Indian Material Culture. Through collaborations with innovative brands in clothing, accessories, jewelry and home furnishings we are a one-stop shopping experience for urban professionals. We add value to the experience with stories about our people, products and what makes them powerfully Indian.  




Starting with our strengths in the garment and accessories sectors, The Indian Studio will provide a continuously evolving selection of up-to-date products.  We will tell the stories of the makers, of artisans and of cultural communities to enhance the meaningfulness of our brand through our blogs and stories.


Join our Team


We are looking for like-minded young brands and established suppliers to collaborate with The Indian Studio in order to bring their products to the online market.  Whether you are creating one-of-a-kind ‘found object’ jewellery or a line of eco-friendly sustainable clothing, we would be happy to bring them to the world and create an aura of new trends.



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